Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not Too Happy With This One...

OMG! The new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer is out! Check it!

Yeah. It kinda sucked, huh? That's what I thought too.

Let's start with the fact that the trailer is over three minutes long, which is absurd. It doesn't come out for months. What they needed was a teaser, because everyone loves teasers. And when I say everyone, I mean I gave myself a survey and answered "yes" to "do you love teaser-trailers?" A long trailer ruins suspense and lowers anticipation for the film because 1) it's difficult to release a "new" trailer now to continue to heighten anticipation. The trailers will mostly now be the same with maybe one scene added in or taken out. And 2) the audience isn't given a small taste of what's to come in order to make them so ravenously hungry they won't care if the movie is bad, they'll just see it because they need resolution from that damn trailer. As evidence, I call your attention to the 300, Dark Knight, and Transformers 2 teaser-trailers. It didn't matter how good the movies were going to be, the scenes were just awesome. That's what the POTC 4 teaser needed. A couple of good scenes of Johnny Depp doing his Jack Sparrow thing, because everyone loves it. Instead we got three whole minutes of cobbled together scenes of the good Cap'n saying some sort of funny stuff and glimpses of random characters, and long explanation of the premise, which seemed really unnecessary. It's the Fountain of Youth we get it. STOP SAYING IT OVER AND OVER.

Also, what's with the breaking the fourth wall thing? It was an entirely unnecessary, and overly childish, time-consuming, kind of boring part of the trailer. "Hello boys and girls...my name is Captain Jack Sparrow". Seriously? Super lame.

I want to be super excited for this movie, and I can't lie- I will definitely see it. Because Depp and Sparrow are just great. But the last two I've been disappointed by, so I'm not holding my breath for some mind-blowing show.
"Ah I think I see an enemy over there, let's hide behind these vines and my dreads will blend in!"

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