Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Most Excited About...#4

These are a few films that have been on my radar for some time, and they're the films I'm probably most excited to see. Some of these films have been released, but I haven't seen them yet, so there. Here's the fourth film of this series...

I could go on for several paragraphs about why this movie is pretty much going to be amazing, but honestly, why would that be necessary? Let's just quickly run through the facts.

It stars Daniel Craig, who has been signed on to the James Bond franchise as the titular character, and doing a fabulous job as the famous agent. While I had a cold attitude toward the new Bond, who is more rough and tumble than suave, I quickly warmed up to Craig. He may have yet to utter the famous "Bond, James Bond" line, but as far as I'm concerned he's already established his Bond badassery. Craig will now be applying this badassery to this movie, which is fine with me.

Co-starring with Craig is Harrison Ford, who's last three movies have been, to put it lightly, bad. Need I remind you of the fourth Indiana Jones, or Extraordinary Measures? Let's just ignore his reprisal as Indy and stick with his other recent films, which have pretty much been him trying to move outside the Action genre. And the other genres pretty much crushed his soul under the cash from his sellout and told him to get back where he belongs. So now, here's Ford in a new action movie getting back in the saddle (ahaha Western, saddle, get it?). Here's to hoping it's awesome. And who are we kidding? It's Harrison Ford getting his hands dirty in a western. I'm up for that. Olivia Wilde also stars. The actress has been in breakout heaven this season with two big-budget films, this and Tron.

Also have I mentioned the star power behind this? Steven Spielberg is executive producer, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are also producing. As for the writers, Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof are the powerhouses behind this baby. You might not recognize those names, so let me just say that they pretty much own the genre of Awesome. No joke. Orci and Kurtzman wrote the new Star Trek, both Transformers, TV shows Hawaii Five-O  and Fringe, Mission Impossible III, The Island, and to top it all, several seasons of Alias. Lindelof is pretty famous as well for a little show that was pretty popular called Lost. Director Jon Favreau has been at the helm of both Iron Man movies. Seriously, the crew is almost cooler than the cast.
"How DARE you! I am definitely cooler. Say it. Or I'll blast you
with this alien weapon attached to my arm"

Director: Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Elf)
Release Date: 29 July 2011
Rated: Not Yet Rated
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