Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is TVD a Twilight Spin-Off?

Stefan: broody brood brood
Edward: broody brood broody brood

Hmm. This is suspicious. Both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries feature a brunette girl in high school being romanced by a vamp. Coincidence?

There is no defense for the blonde, vegetarian vamp hero who is constantly trying to save his brown-haired girlfriend from the dangers of evil vamps and werewolves...or is there? I'll just briefly mention that the author of the books TVD is based on wrote her series years before Stephenie Meyer started writing her poorly constructed novels. One might even argue that she read the TVD series and decided to copy it, and it was unrecognizable because Meyer’s creative writing skills are so unbelievably terrible. (Example: "My mechanic is busy these days, busy running around as a giant wolf,” says Bella of Jacob.)
Current plan for avoiding being compared to Twilight: lots of oil, and 
naked legs; also a girl in a corset sitting in a guy's crotch with 
another guy's head in her crotch.

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