Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie Posters Accidentally Gone Wrong II

Sometimes I see a movie poster and wonder what the design team was thinking when they put it together. Some posters just weren't meant for this time period, others seem to have worrisome double meanings, and still others are just sort Here are a few posters gone wrong.
This poster has several different, but equally disturbing messages. 1) This poor rabbit is on a conveyor belt, or maybe a shelf, of chocolate rabbits and is about to be eaten. He stands naively at ease waiting to die. 2) This rabbit has just cruelly and gleefully turned his fellow rabbits into chocolate statues that will now be eaten. Look at the fear in the eyes of those chocolate bunnies and tell me I'm wrong. That smug look on the real rabbit's face now looks a little sinister, now doesn't it? 3) This is an actual rabbit touching regular old chocolate bunnies in an assembly line. Let me remind you that rabbits carry a variety of terrible diseases that can be transmitted to humans, including rabies. Now think again how you feel about a rabbit touching food that children will soon eat. Yes. It's gross.

. I never really thought about it, but once I noticed it, now I can't stop noticing it. This has got to be the absolute most awkward pose they could possibly have picked. The poor girl is bent over, and stretching her neck to look up, as she stretches her arms down in holding flowers. Mostly she looks like she really needs to use the bathroom.

 I don't need to explain this, right? It's the eyes. Aaaaaaaagh it's the eyes!

 Star Trek. Waving the flag of gay pride in space.

 This movie is coming out in 2011. It features an emotionally distant Mel Gibson carrying a beaver puppet around and using it to speak to people. Need I say more? Everything about this movie is absurdly hilarious.

Okay last one. This is the Grinch. On someone's roof in the dead of night. With no pants. Awkward. Also can I just mention that his dog is uh, looking up. Awkward.

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