Monday, April 4, 2011

Music Video Meanings: 21st Century Girl

Here's the video in case you haven't seen it. Watch it first and then read on.

So I really liked the beginning of the video. I'm definitely feelin' the mysterious vibe okay, and she's like in a desert and picks ups some dust and a butterfly appears out of it and flies away. Then she's running across the desert with her friends, and also a pack of wolves, but she's all dressed to the nines and you're going "Oo pretty!" and then things start to get weird.

Well first Willow Smith starts to sing-talk in a Ke$ha voice, which is weird enough, but then her friends start pulling stuff out of the desert earth. And the video starts out with Willow appearing out of the dust, and then the butterfly, and heck, she pulls a guitar out too. But her friends are pulling out weird things. The whole video starts to take on this anti-nature theme that's not even cool. Like the guitar is cool, but her friends pull out parking meters. Parking meters. Seriously, I don't get how that's awesome. You start pulling stuff out of the ground, and you pull up the parking meters?

Then they pull out a sweet car, and you're like "Now that's more like it!" Nope. The next scene is her friends as child slaves pulling these heavy metal chains over their shoulders that are connected Okay, so the kids are now slaves pulling giant-ass skyscrapers out of the ground, probably blistering up their hands on those chains. Meanwhile, all of nature is being destroyed as they slave to pull up the chains of these buildings.

And then Willow Smith turns into some kind of nine-year-old dictator singing that she's going to take over the world and her friends/slaves are like pulling up more buildings behind her. Then they roll back the desert floor, and there's streets, and then they have a dance party in the streets of what's now a city 'cause the desert is gone, and Willow's like the cool friend obviously,  and the music is kinda fading out and you think that's the end, but then Willow starts whispering to a toddler, who makes a butterfly out of dust and starts chasing it.

WHY IS THE BABY ALONE? And for that matter, why is Willow wandering around in the metropolis she's created? Either she's going to get mugged, or they're living in a deserted city, which is just super creepy. And wait, where is that toddler's mom? Why is the baby running around by itself? That child is totally unsupervised, which is just horrible parenting practices.

I wish this video made more sense, you guys, but I see no other option but to interpret this video as Willow Smith declaring herself a tyrannical empress and making her friends do backbreaking slave labor.
"Uh, excuse me, where are you going?
You are my slave and you haven't
finished mining rhinestones for
my fingernails yet."

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Keep writing! You're so funny!


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